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Villaceixe Housestay

Odeceixe aerial video. Odeceixe is situated at the mouth of the River Seixe. Odeceixe is located on the border between the Algarve and the Alentejo. This sandy beach is on the southern side of the outflow to the sea. The northern side of the river has a backdrop of steep cliffs which shelter the beach.

cartaz carnaval Odecixe 18 1 - Carnival in Odeceixe | Parade and Dance

Carnival in Odeceixe 2018

Come and have fun with us at the true traditional Carnival of Odeceixe. Many jokes and real trinkets as only the people of Odeceixe know how to make happen.

Give wings to your imagination and also participate in this popular party.

At the end we have the Carnival Dance in the Sports Group.

All at your free disposal.

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See pictures of our Carnival:

Villaceixe Odeceixe    Villaceixe Odeceixe






Paisagem Odeceixe


Visit Odeceixe in Autumn

Participate in the discovery of Costa Vicentina.

Autumn is one of the ideal times to visit Odeceixe.

Have a few days to relax from the hustle and bustle of urban areas. Give your energy a new boost.
Enjoy a unique nature of Odeceixe in the autumn. Great for hiking and nature watching. Nature still retains its wild air in the area on Costa Vicentina. Take a walk to see the sea, the Seixe river and its varzea, with a unique beauty.

Live with your people endowed with unique wisdom and knowledge to be their own, keeping part of their ancestral traditions. After a summerless transfiguration village, a village now regains its unique origins and characteristics. Odeceixe continues, despite the pressure of tourism, to have its original beauty.

The Odeceixe village is a land of transition between the Alentejo and the Algarve. It is situated on a hillside next to the River Seixe and press even by their characteristics and houses in good condition.

Around the village dominates a natural and wildlife with unique landscapes.

At the top of the village mill is an icon where you can enjoy a beautiful panoramic over the village of Odeceixe.

muehle in odeceixe portugal min - Odeceixe, Village & Beaches

Walks Odeceixe, Costa Vicentina

Odeceixe, Village & Beaches. For such a small place, Odeceixe has more than its fair share of accommodation and eating options. This is obviously due to the popularity of its beach but despite catering for visitors, the village has retained its unhurried, untouristy character. The main square is still a meeting place for locals to catch up on gossip and the cobbled streets leading off it are quiet.

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Odeceixe beach circuit

At 13 km, the Odeceixe Beach circuit sounded ideal. It’s a circular walk from Odeceixe which should take you along the Fisherman’s Route. Connect you with the Historical Trail to bring you back to the village. I say should because I managed to miss some of the signs and ended up doing a slightly different circuit.

The circular route starts in Odeceixe’s main square, Largo 1 de Maio. Take the road that’s signposted for the beach at the side of restaurants. As you leave the village, look out for a road sign and a path leading into the fields. It’s marked with the blue and green Rota Vicentina waymarkers. If, like me, you manage to miss the turning, don’t worry. Just stay on the tarmac until you get to the beach. You’ll be compensated with horses, a donkey and quirky robot-like signs.

Odeceixe beach itself is popular with surfers as well as families and there’s a smaller cove called Praia de Adega just to the south where you can run, or lounge, around naked if you wish. There are some kiosks overlooking the beach where you can grab a drink or a bite to eat as you take in the views. Of the normal beach, not the nudist one!

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Villaceixe Housestay - Holidays Early Bird


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